Hi there.


We’re happy you’re here! You found us because you’re interested in a community for the childfree/childless, and we’re here to be your i-pals!

Excitedly, we launched a podcast this year to better support and bring light to the childfree community. We make up almost a quarter of the population now, and for many, many reasons. No matter what those reasons are, we are here to share positivity and meaning to the lives of who are also childfree.

Though we are prior military, prior nomads and prior independent souls, we are now happily married, in a permanent home in Charlotte, NC & have come to the acceptance of our fate… to live childfree – with meaning & fulfillment.

To learn more about our story, feel free to start here. 


Podcast: Meaningful Childless Life (itunes or libsyn)

Email: meaningfulchildlesslife@yahoo.com

IG: Dee_viapiano

FB: Meaningful childless Life