Don’t Apologize for Liking Your Life.

It’s Saturday morning. Tony’s working a string of five nights. Tonight I have plans to meet up with a couple of girlfriends. But meanwhile, I’m sitting in a small town coffee café. People are quietly and respectfully carrying on conversations… tapping laptop keys… taking their first sip of heaven… and I’m over here in the corner learning how to use snap chat. A decade too late I’m told. But my sister is relentless on this. God love her!

I like this life. It doesn’t need anything more or anything less. And if something more or less comes, well… I’m convinced that it’s always ‘just right’. Must be some sort of mindset that comes in your 30’s. Forgive me for going deep, but the coffee shop ambiance is getting to me. Or it’s this espresso… and it juuuuust cooled down to drinking temp!

Anyway, we’re settled in. Routine seems to be what life turns into once you hit this age and settle. It’s funny… this is the American dream right? What everyone strives for? To finally finish school/career chasing/house buying, etc… in order to settle down for the long haul. With this transition comes routine. Routine like never before. And it’s been proven that routine causes time to speed up.

I’ve read that there are three ways to slow down time:
Experiencing something new.
Experiencing a challenge or being in a state of fear.
Getting out of your routine.

This coffee shop is new to me. It’s been a nice, slow morning.

Anyway! I’m not here to discuss time. My goal is to plug these three things into life, in order to live at a slower pace than average. This gives me more time to think, and thinking makes me dig deeper.

So, let’s get to my (maybe too) deep topic: I’ve been thinking a lot about this nonapologetic lifestyle thing.

I want to be comfortable taking a selfie.

I want to start a Youtube channel without feeling pompous.

I want to help people online, but this automatically assumes I think I’m better than others.

I want to push a heavy sled in my neighborhood, even though it makes noise. 

I want the confidence to take random photos of things in my environment in front of others.

I want to do what I want to do. Creatively, spontaneously, entertainingly.

We all have hang ups with how we think we’re perceived. I tend to just not do what it is I want to do. But there comes a time in life where we need to toss those hang-ups to the wind. I’m settled in now. I have nothing to lose. I have a lot of time on my hands. I think it’s time.

Here’s a fun example that just came to me…
Tony and I just visited a Trampoline park and got in there with the kiddos to play dodgeball and try our hand at sloppy, yet safe, gymnastics. We had the BEST TIME! Those kids absolutely destroyed me in the dodgeball ring. So, I switched to their side so we could collaborate and destroy Tony. Seemed fare to me. I’ve never seen Tony have so much fun with kids! He was so smiley and so sweaty! One kid even called out his sweatiness in the heat of it. haha! Throwing that heat amidst battle! I had a few 6-8 year old accomplices who kept feeding me balls. It was bliss. Meanwhile… everyone else our age and over, sat along the sidelines watching their kids have all the fun. I got a LOT of looks, especially after I waited in line with a bunch of 8 years olds to try my hand at the trapeze. I decided I’d attempt a backflip dismount! lol. Ohhhh boy. You would have thought I just taught these kids how to curse or punch a stranger. It was a foam pit. Everyone’s going to be ok if they attempt to ‘copycat’. Those disapproving motherly stares for the hour made me realize…. I was having fun, and their kids were having fun. The only people not having fun were those who occupied all their time in judgement or jealously. If they were confused as to why we didn’t have our own children in the mix… well, I’m sorry they spent energy feeling concerned.

Unapologetically, I like my lifestyle. I like having fun. I like getting smiles out of people and to make people feel good. I like doing backflips into foam pits. I like playing dodgeball with children. And if you judge… I’m just going to kill you with kindness. 😉
Smile – selfie!


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