Listening to Oprah’s, Super Soul Sunday podcast has been so enlightening. It’s particularly good when getting ready for work on Mondays. An episode which I especially liked was with Rainn Wilson (posted April 30, 2017). Now, I’m not a religious person, however I would describe myself as spiritual, as do many of the guests she brings on. Regardless, ya’ll know I love inspiration, self-help, openness, and philosophical banter. In this episode, it gets a bit religious in the beginning as he introduces his background, but quickly touches on his thoughts on creativity (as he relates to with acting on The Office).  I’d love to share with you my take away from this episode… Because, well, as I was moved by this man’s simple message, I know it’s worth sharing.

God is The Fashioner

“When you are creating, you are a fashioner. Whether it be acting, painting, or making music… you’re emulating God. It’s the ultimate testament to the Great Creator, God.”

“There’s nothing different than picking up a paint brush and placing it to paper, and lifting your head in prayer. […] Art is prayer.”

– Rainn Wilson

Now, if you’re like me, you love these sort of mind openers. Religion aside, you cannot deny that creating makes us feel so damn good. The process which includes brainstorming, placing things together and watching your end piece come to life is so rewarding. This, I believe, is why we humans get depressed when we’re stuck in a dead-end routine. If there is nothing new to stimulate us to create something new, we are simply just existing.  The end result, or rather the fruit of your labor, is so sweet. Pun intended.

Of course relating to the childfree and childless… sometimes we are put into positions when people look at you with sadness. And if you look at it under a microscope, they naturally feel bad for you (and sometimes this is you feeling bad for yourself) because you haven’t experienced the ultimate creation. And that is life. Without creating life, it must be assumed you experience unrest and disfulfillment.

But, what if being creative in other ways can fulfill this service for the soul? To create, is to be free. It is to challenge yourself, to grow yourself, to find yourself, and to release. We are all fashioners.

That is why I think it’s so very important for childless people in particular (everyone, for that matter) to find things in which they can manipulate to make better. This doesn’t have to be something on a grand scale. A piece of paper and sketch,  building a website, compiling new methods to make your home run more efficiently… the possibilities are endless. Creativity is life’s process in which we are all on the same page. 


Recently my husband and I have been transitioning our home from shades of brown and beige to grays. It’s been a really fun and challenging process! Since this is our first home where we haven’t had a stir of nomadic feelings, we thought it would be worth putting the effort in building our “dream home.” We believe our home should be a refuge from the outside world. Not in a materialistic way. In a zen way. In a simple, relaxing, and non-distracting, efficient kind of way. Why not start with paint colors? Let’s get creative!


Sherwin Williams:
Den = Filmy Green / Passive Gray
Guest Room = Violet Slate / Passive Gray
Loft = Slate Gray / Repose Gra
Master Bedroom = Downing Slate / Passive Gray
Downstairs livingroom = Repose Gray


Be it that we’ve been on a house Reno/updating kick to better suit us and get our creative juices flowing, I’ve been crushing on a couple of interior design podcasts.

Keep in mind, these podcasters do make their living on design, so they can be a bit materialistic at times, but I try my hardest to ignore that part.

  1. Young House Love–   Podcast & Blog

These two are just adorable. Not only are they fast talkers, who never use the word uhm… (so jealous), but they’re highly entertaining in the way they flow back and forth. I mean… I enjoyed listening to them discuss lightbulbs and didn’t hit the “next” button.

2.   Chris Loves Julia   – Podcast & Blog

This is another friendly couple, who sit down with a “host” friend and discuss mostly home décor but often go off on side convo’s including how they got their 3 children to sleep through the night!? And I just adore their “Cant get you out of my mind” section at the end of the show. Lots of info and charm here.




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