Mental Toughness

It’s game time. You have one weekend before we begin our 8 week summertime toning program. You didn’t choose this to be comfortable,  you didn’t join to have fun, you joined to change your body, health and mindset. Do not forget that.

In the next 8 weeks, you’ll find yourself having a light bulb moment… where you find that food is just fuel, you are not a slave to food, that gym time is YOUR TIME and love every minute of it. Until then, you just have to show up.

Generally, I don’t have much sympathy for people (just animals lol). So if you have decided on Monday that you commit to this program, I won’t be easy on you and you should be thankful I’m not there with you making sure you’re not goofing off in your training sessions. This is serious… If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

When you walk out of the locker room, ready to begin your routine, the next hour is your time. Not your coworker’s time, not  your boss’ time, not your child’s time, not your partner’s time… it’s your time. Make the most of it and GET AFTER IT. You should not be distracted by other people in the gym. I don’t care if they want to have a 3 minute conversation or a 60 second conversation with you. This is YOUR time and each minute needs to be focused on you, either lifting or resting for the allotted time. If you have a training partner, there should be no conversation unless it has to do with how you’re going to switch out weights or who’s going first.

Pay attention to your body. Know when something feels right or wrong. Know how you’re feeling before you pick up a weight and take advantage of those days you feel invincible. You will have all sorts of ups and downs, but cash in on those days you feel like a beast.

Mental talk is your best friend. Before I get under a bar or a set of heavy dumbbells I say to myself “too easy” and turn everything else off. Having a go-to mantra always helps. If it’s a set of 4×10’s, and your last set you only got 9, you tell yourself, “I’m about to smash 10 of these… I could probably do 11.” It’s what it takes. No one works harder than you.

I don’t care what face you’re making and no one else does either. When I’m using a 45lb plate for upright rows I probably look like I’m struggling with an episode of IBS… I don’t care, and neither should you.

Your results are in your hands. The weekdays are not for your pleasure center to be satisfied… that part of your brain can wait until the weekend. I don’t care if you’re busy, if you’re too tired or something came up. You should always be prepared by having healthy foods available and time set aside for exercise. Your family and friends don’t need or want to hear you complain about how hard this is and how miserable you are in this process of finding yourself… suck it up. I’m sure you’ve been through worse. What’s 8 weeks?

This may sound a bit rough ‘n tough, but this is what it takes. You have to be different than everyone else. You have to know how to say NO to yourself. You have to wake up when you don’t want to or have to walk into the gym after dragging ass at work. You have to take bits of progress and run with it. You have to talk confidently. You have to hold your head up. You have to own your gym time. This is what you want. Make it happen.

When week 4 hits you’ll find that you are becoming a different person. More regimented, more in tune with your body, and settling into this becoming a lifestyle. I’m here to help you all the way. Feel it in your soul that every minute is a blessing. A blessing that you have your health and are capable of much greater things.

Discipline equals freedom.

Now, let’s get after it!


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