Forget Everything You Know – Female weight lifting talk

Welcome to my 8 Week Summertime Toning Program!

I have created this group to guide women into a new way of thinking. We are going to drop the light, pastel colored dumbbells and get into some real lifting. I would like to begin by addressing a few of those “myths” women have when it comes to lifting weights. Let’s delve in and debunk some stuff!

Myth #1:



I have done two Figure Competitions, trained Crossfit for three years, did endless amounts of sports growing up, was farm raised, and I’ve done all of this while eating tons of food. I TRIED TO GET BIG… and it still wouldn’t happen for me!

Unless you’re an extreme genetic outlier, you simply do not have the hormonal capacity to add muscle at a rate that it would ever look bulky. You’ve seen professionals, such as mainstream paid Crossfit Athletes that look “bulky” but do you realize that takes at least 4000 calories, 400 grams of carbs and three training sessions a day to even maintain that? We aren’t quitting our day jobs to get yolked and even then we couldn’t then afford to feed ourselves that much food a day. haha. So let’s move on.

Myth #2:

“I want to TONE, and want LEAN muscle, so I should stick to doing high rep, light weights.”

Point A.

Results come from HARD WORK. Women are phenomenal at hard work. Look around your spinning class and you’ll see each other grunting it out to a point of no conscious return! But when it comes to weight training, women are scared to get in there with the big boys in front of those stupid mirrors and grunt it out.

The object to lifting is to build muscle…. going back to myth number one… muscle is HARD to build… so you have to push yourself in the same way you would in that spin class when you pick up a set of dummbells. If not, you won’t get results and your gym time is a waste of time.

Point B.

If you lift 100 lbs, 50 times and then train your body to lift 150 lbs, 50 times, your muscles will be bigger and more “toned.” If you lift 100 lbs, 50 times then train your body to lift 100 lbs 60 times, you have increased the endurance of the muscle and it still falls a bit flat. A combination of the two is best, however the average woman chooses only the endurance lifting over strength lifting.

Point C.

Women tend to have “bigger” Type 1 muscle fibers (endurance fibers). Men tend to have bigger Type 2 muscle fibers (fast twitch, used for sprints, lifting, jumping etc). There’s some evidence that women may be born with more Type 1 and men with more Type 2. Needless to say, our go to is cardio or high rep, light weight lifting. Refer back to Point A for my response to that!

Myth #3:

“I’m scared that if I lift heavier, I’ll have poor form or get injured.”


Us ladies are more likely to stay right in our comfort zone because… well, we follow the rules right? We stick to proper form like we should, we keep a nice steady tempo, and we calculate the weights we “should” be lifting today before even entering the gym. My answer to this is to give up some of that strict approach and lift more like a man. I know what you’re thinking… but men tend to lift with horrible form, grunting and flailing around. That they may, but if we can combine their intensity with our proper approach, we will crush it!

TIP: Always attempt to keep proper form on exercises, but on days you’re feeling REALLY HEALTHY & ENERGIZED, capitalize on it and increase your tempo to be explosive and INTENSE. If on this ENERGIZED day, you need to sacrifice a tiny bit of your form (like 10%), to get the last rep in order to push yourself, do it. Trust that your body is an adaptive machine and will make small adjustments to accommodate individual mechanics.

Myth #4:

“But I burn more calories in an hour session of cardio than I do in an hour session of weight lifting.”


The two most powerful drivers of fat loss are diet and anaerobic exercise. An endurance athlete and weightlifter walk into a gym for an hour session…
The endurance athlete leaves the gym with having burned 400 calories (stated on the treadmill). The weightlifter leaves the gym with having burned 200 calories. But the difference here is, the aerobic work the endurance athlete was doing stops burning calories the moment he gets off the treadmill. The weightlifter has the benefit of burning “22% more fat in the fifteen hours post exercise” [source: The New Rules of Lifting, by L. Shuler] than the endurance athlete. When you weight train, you do some serious damage to your muscle fibers and the effort your body goes through to clean up the inflammation and rebuild is much more energy consuming than the cardio. The higher the intensity of your training session, the longer you are burning more fat over the next couple of days!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my occasional trail runs… but don’t get stuck always flocking to the cardio machines, not realizing how beneficial it is to pick up a weight.


1. To develop our Type 2 muscle fibers, which have the greatest potential for growth, and optimize fat burning.

2. Train like men, and in reward we’ll have spartan-like female curves that will bring to you greater health and confidence.

3. To take up your spot in front of those “daunting” mirrors, right next to the big boys. You deserve it… and they can get out of our way!

If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten.


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