A Vision


044B4995-69E7-4A82-940E-F8604FEABBEE“When you open yourself to give […] you will receive […] that is fulfillment.”

…Said the mid-30’s bodybuilder-esque man at the gym I go to. I had only seen him once before. He approached me to ask if I was a fitness trainer and as I responded “No,” he was taken aback. I am always flattered at these comments, thanked him and explained that I have always wanted to be and have thought more seriously about it recently but … No, I’m not.

He stood at about 6’3”, 220 lb, and spoke so softly and with such wisdom I was almost freaked out. Here I was, between lat pull down sets and unaware I was about to have a personal conversation. He asked, “What’s holding you back? Confidence? You know, whether you think you can or  you think you can’t… you’re right.” He had me there. “You already know you can do it. You train yourself.”

I’m not sure what my response was honestly. I was kind of in shock because this was about the sixth person in 2 months who had randomly asked me (grocery store, gym locker room, on vacation, etc…) if I was or ever thought of fitness training.

He began to demonstrate with his water bottle cap a very important lesson.

“Make a fist.” So I did. He placed his bottle cap on my awkwardly closed hand and asked for me to place it in his open hand. I struggled. He said,”You must be open to give.”

He instructed me to keep my hand in a fist and said he was going to hand me back the cap and of course couldn’t place it in my hand.

“You must first have confidence. Then you must be open to give, and THEN you will be open to receive. You may love to help friends and family, but what about the others who could benefit from what you have to give? Only then will you find fulfillment… by giving more.”

I ask him, curiously, if he was a fitness trainer. He responds so proudly, “I’m not.”

I was shocked. After all this inspirational talk?

“My wife and I have a baby on the way and I need to devote all my time and energy into the little one.” I nodded my head in agreement.

This guy had no idea I was childless/childfree. He’s right. He needs to put all of his energy into his child to grow strong, happy and healthy. But me… it’s been in front of me my whole life. When someone asks me what I do outside of work, the response is always fitness or health related. I love it. It’s my passion. I love to pour myself, my tidbits, what works for me into the lives of those close to me. But what about the people who approach me at the store? In the gym locker room? On vacation? I want to help them too.

I have something I can easily provide women who need guidance in becoming healthier and happier with themselves. This is something I can’t turn down until I’ve at least tried. I’ve finally made the decision, and it just took a gym buddha to push me over the proverbial wall.



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