Reproductive Vs Productive

These thoughts come to me on the regular and if you’ve found this blog, they come to you too. I try to step back and take a look at the bigger picture and how everyone is affected or related to said subject. This blog may have begun as a rebuttal for the old argument that childfree women and men are not “doing their part” or “providing” like the rest of the population. I write this out of respect for the many childfree/childless people out there who are providing the world in ways that child-rearing people may be unable. When we are free to make our own decisions (to be reproductive or not) without extrinsic pressure or judgement, we fall into place where we are most beneficial.

Is an economy more productive for pushing reproduction?

In our society (less now than generations ago, thank God), one of the most extrinsically motivated pressures is to have children. If you don’t believe me, take a look at The Rinky Dink Life  article concerning “Pronatalism.” In a nutshell, it’s more PRODUCTIVE for our country if we are REPRODUCTIVE.

More babies >>

more stuff to buy >>

more adults >>

more employees >>

more stuff to buy.

It’s an economic must, right? The smaller the population gets, the less economic growth a country will see. For example, the article “Europe Needs More Babies” explains…

Europe desperately needs more young people to run its health services, populate its rural areas and look after its elderly because, increasingly, its societies are no longer self-sustaining.

It’s interesting though. Maybe we should consider the REASON more women aren’t having children throughout the world? Is the economy actually at fault from the get-go?

The country’s falling birthrate has multiple causes, such a lack of financial security that prompts many Italians to live with their parents well into their 30s. The difficulty for mothers to return to the workplace also means women must make considerable sacrifices if they decide to have children.

In this round, reproductive would seem to equal productive, but that isn’t true. Each individual country may benefit against their neighbors with a larger population, but the freedom of being Childfree is becoming more evident on a world scale. Overtime, we are naturally lessening the population as a whole. Whether this be due to our own influence of debt or infertility due to growing pathological environment exposures, it doesn’t matter. The question is: Can being less reproductive lead to being more productive? Economically, right now – NO. For the sake of our world resources – YES. When an economy stops pressuring it’s inhabitants to make more babies with these subliminal or overt pressures, then those left having babies are those who are 100% invested in raising our babies. That, to me, is a benefit to the world.

Societal pressure to be successful, yet who get’s to be that

According to this list, there are plenty of childfree celebrities who have given up (or never wanted) child-rearing to fully pursue their art form. When we raise our little ones we do all we can to place them above their peers, in hopes that they’ll surpass all expectations, climb to the top of whatever ladder they land on, and flourish beyond anything we have set out to be. But, as soon as your son or daughter settles into his/her “successful” career, they are now ready to conceive. No longer are they able to strengthen or hone in on the skills they’ve crafted over the years with the welcomed distraction. So, who get’s to live out a life where their skills are further and further crafted, being more “productive?” Who are those people who are so well-known in their profession or role that they are idolized? We are pushed to want success like that… yet… they are more than likely… childfree. Unless you have a angel spouse who is willing to devote his/her time on raising a better version of you… naturally, our success ladder is snapped in half and we are forever put on cruise control by having those little ones.


Whether you choose to be a reproductive member of our society or solely a “productive” member, we are all needed. There really is no room for argument in regards of providing for our communities, families and neighbors. Some of the most successful people I know personally have dedicated their entire lives to their work in order to advance the medical field – in order to save children. Some of them dedicate themselves to creating art and literature for us to grow intellectually. Some of us are meant to raise our nations’ next generation, but some of us are meant for something different, and that something different also includes meaningful contribution.


2 thoughts on “Reproductive Vs Productive

  1. Really love your blog and podcast. Childfree due to my wife’s cancer diagnosis early in our marriage, and have focused all our energy on her survival. Despite a recurrence, she is now a long-term survivor, but we are lucky we did not have kids as we needed the money/energy to just keep her going. She is doing amazing things for the world as a teacher…of kids. I help out with kids where I can. So we are very bought into supporting the next generation, just not our own biological progeny. Hence, our “production” is in support of others “reproduction”, so I don’t think they have a right to criticize any decision we made to “forego” having our own children. We are childless not by choice but by circumstance, but not “childfree” in the sense we are very invested in helping raise others’ children.


    1. Andrew! I apologize, I don’t know how I missed this message. I am so sorry for your the challenges you’ve faced. But… my heart is warmed by your journey and your focus on guiding little ones and on “service before self”! It’s people like you who make me proud to be a part of this community. Again, thank you for sharing! I hope you and your wife are doing well, are healthy and are making the most of every day!


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